Advanced 3D Printing / SLA Laser Sintering


Rapid prototyping is a valuable tool in all phases of the manufacturing process:


  • The technology allows you to quickly evaluate high complexity models.
  • Being able to see and touch underpins the development of the idea and its completion. Facilitates comparison between solutions.


  • Time and costs reduction.
  • Up to to date models enable highlighting possible design errors
  • Visual communication of information between design and marketing departments.


  • Real life, tangible model as a powerful marketing tool.


3D printing is a flexible tool that guarantees the best quality/price ratio results in the production of Architectural scale models, Design and mechanical evaluation models.

We produce very detailed models with SLA Laser sintering, using high quality resins, enabling us to build fully functional prototypes.

Our FDM fast prototypes can be produced in ABS, PLA: Polylactic Acid is a strong and durable material, harmless and environmentally friendly.